Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Peepers in St. Andrews NB

Has it been a month already??

Classes are winding down at DAL but my class is just winding up! I am at a statistics workshop at the Huntsman Marine Sciences Centre in St. Andrews New Brunswick! I was too tired today to work on anymore data...I have been staring at my data for 2 full days now (no end in sight until at least Friday!) So I decided to get out and stretch my legs after dinner and catch the sunset.
This is the Upper Campus and I am staying on the main floor of the brown building on the right (Needler Hall). The one on the left is a former summer estate house called the Anderson House.
One of my many sunset shots!

Finally, this little pond is just outside my window (turn up the volume!). I will listen to these little guys until I fall asleep tonight. What a wonderful place!

Happy Tuesday! :)