Saturday, October 16, 2010


After Earl, out two 55 ft Norway Maples in the back sustained some heavy damage (see previous post). We were also worried that the next strong wind might wreak more we decided to have them pruned.
View from our second floor deck before.
We called 4 different places to get estimates. The prices ranged from fair to outrageous! Luckily, we have wonderful neighbours that helped us with the cost and we decided on a small company with 2 guys who had a number of years experience and boy did we make a good choice (you can click the image to get to their website)!!
They arrived in the morning and worked away all day climbing, trimming, chipping and chopping and always asking our opinion as they went...making sure we got what we wanted.
There were no ladders involved at all! The owner of the company was a real monkey, climbing all over the two trees even up to the tallest and out on the smallest limbs! We were riveted!
His partner waited at the bottom to guide down larger branches and delt with the chipping and clean up.

He even cut the larger branches that couldn't be chipped into logs that he then also split for us for firewood! Now we just need to buy our backyard firepit we have been dreaming about!
Here they are preparing to take down the top of the tree that broke off during the hurricane and got stuck among the branches.
They did such a great job, I sent them home with a jar of homemade jam each! Here is what the trees looked like after the pruning.
Although we can now see our neighbours in the back, we all get a lot more light into our backyards. Not to mention we all feel a little safer during those high windstorms now that the branches aren't as heavy! Thanks again Green Heritage!!