Friday, July 3, 2009


I want to say THANK YOU to all of you for your kind words and support during this exciting time!! I also wanted to share a surprise that I discovered yesterday... I haven't been to my office in at least a week...maybe more...due to the application and house drama...but look what I found when I went into work yesterday!!
My Very First Pay-it-forward item! So what is inside the gorgeous packaging you ask...
A beautiful handmade pottery plant plate and fish charm! Thanks Teresa!!! I don't know how you knew that the only plant that didn't have a plate has this exact colour on it and is the right size!!! How Perfect!! The charm is the sweetest and I am excited to find it a suitable chain! :) I promise all of you on my list to start getting to mine very soon...

Also, remember my veggie garden? This is what it looked like two weeks ago...look at it now!
Everything it growing like crazy!! We will son have some swiss chard and cherry tomatoes to harvest!! I love the tomatoes in salad or just right off the plant...growing your own food is so rewarding!

Thanks Again!


  1. I'm so glad the plant plate worked out!! :)

    Your garden is beautiful; everything looks so healthy and neat! Enjoy the first harvest; that's always the best!

  2. Hooray for mailbox fun! Teresa is a talented lady :)