Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day...Sushi!

I am not a mother (yet...I need to finish my PhD first!) and my mother and grandmother live in Ontario. So I thought that the best way to celebrate Mother's Day this year would be to take care of myself. Something I know my mom would want me to do.
This book was recommended to me by a close friend who was diagnosed with cancer, was treated and so far the coast is clear. He was recommended this book from his friend with terminal cancer who was given 6 months to live 2 years ago. He continues to fight his battle in good health and spirits outside the hospital! Nothing short of a miracle! He owes it all to his radical change in diet and following much of the simple advice in the book. We have a lot of cancer in our family (both sides actually) so I bought this cookbook for myself and one for my mom. The book itself is half information about how cancer works and the benefits of the foods for preventing and fighting cancer written by leading cancer scientists from Quebec and the other half is delicious recipes with the food they talk about, written by top chefs, also from Quebec!
So we decided to take some of the advice (I already started a summary post for this that I will finish up tomorrow!) to heart and we made our very own SUSHI! We used all organic veggies (carrots, green onion, green pepper and sweet potato), avocado and we thought about using the banana to make a bananacado roll but decided against it after tasting the Tamago!
Tamago is a sweet egg omelet and I used this recipe to make it. It is typically made in a special square dish but these instructions are for those people who don't have us! We used fresh pastured eggs for our omelet! We decided to fold our omelet since that's what our Japanese friend did in the little square pan.
Here's a shot of my first roll, tamago, green pepper and carrot! YUM!
This one was my favorite roll, tamago, avocado, green onion and fried sweet potato! The BEST! We opted not to have any seafood since I went to the market late and none of the seafood left was sustainable...
Also, these little white dishes (sorry it's blurry) were found at a yard sale! Who would have thought that you could stop at a yard for a candy thermometer (odd item I know), find it and these little dishes to boot...? Not me but it definitely happened! :)

So we ate our very own delicious sustainable sushi, packed with all the benefits of the seaweed, veggies and soy sauce. Here's to you mom! Happy (belated) Mother's Day!
PS. In case you all thought I was awful for being late...I did call her yesterday! ;)


  1. You certainly caught my attention with this book. I'll be looking for it on Amazon. If you've been reading my blog lately you'll see that I'm trying to like Sushi and good gracious, I think I'm starting to like it (I can't say that I LOVE it right now but it might come to love). It is such a good food to enjoy.

  2. I did see that you are also trying to love sushi. It is also a work in progress for me. Here's to our health and learning to love (or even like!) new foods!:)

  3. I'll have to see if the library has a copy of that book for me to peruse. Aside from too much red meat (probably 6 out of the 21 meals each week...but we do buy grass-fed local beef), i think we generally eat pretty well, esp in the summer when veggies are abundant.

    We can't get enough sushi - but it is pretty pricey to go out for so we need to remember to make more of our own. We mostly like raw fish, so it makes it a little tougher to make our own sushi. :}

    You did a nice job rolling them that tightly!

  4. Thanks Teresa! Rolling them tightly is key so they don't fall apart when you eat them!!

    We are pretty healthy eaters too but it never hurts to have more reasons too! :)

  5. yay- very cool sushi!!

    also, very glad to hear that your friend is doing well so far.

    cancer is such a scary word. went to a presentation recently with the oncology unit- they also discussed diet quite a bit as preventative (along with exercise and of course, decreasing smoking and alcohol consumption).