Friday, February 4, 2011

The Calm after the Storm

I don't know what it is with me and Wednesdays these past 2 weeks...last week was crazy and this week was too but in a different way! This week was had a huge snowstorm on Wednesday afternoon/evening. They were predicting up to 45 cm of snow! So much that they closed the University (which almost never happens unless it is a state of emergency!) at 12:30 pm to let everyone get home safely. It was a good call BUT that meant that my 2:30 pm lab was canceled! So I stayed home to nurse my developing head cold and watch the snow come down...
The first 15 cm fell before 4 pm and the snow just kept coming. While shoveling I was hoping that the University would be open on Thursday (I have 2 labs on Thursdays!) and I wouldn't have to run 3 make-up labs...but definitely doubting that it would since the snow was predicted to continue through the night.
The next 15 cm fell before 9 pm and luckily the storm abated with 15 cm to spare. However, my head cold raged on. I slept for a total of 3.5 hours the whole night and woke up to this amazing sunrise!
Luckily, the University was open on Thursday and I only had to run one make-up lab that evening. After 6 hours of teaching and only 3.5 hours sleep, I was happy to come home to a delicious dinner (thanks Diego!) and a cozy bed. After 12 hours sleep, I feel refreshed and am happy that today is a University holiday! Today was supposed to be a day to work on my thesis but I think it will be a day of rest and taking care of my cold.

Happy Friday!


  1. So much snow! So sorry about your cold, rest is a good thing. How thoughtful of Diego to have dinner ready. Get well soon! Mom

  2. Hope that cold gets out of your head soon :-) My brother lives in Dartmouth and he says it's the most snow he's seen in a while. We did'nt get what they were forecasting for us here on the south western tip of the province; lucky us. If we get any more I don't know where we'll put it. Today was so nice and sunny but the snow is starting to come down as I'm typing this. Stay warm and get plenty of rest.