Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brave New World!

"What we are experiencing at the moment seems to be very exceptional…. This means that we are entering into the world which has no equivalent in the past."

If you didn't hear about it, you should read about it here... Arctic Sea Ice Loss Unprecedented in 1,450 years.

The fact that the ice is melting faster than the worst case scenario in climate models can be: 1) a testament to scientists conservative estimates OR 2) they were missing a piece of the puzzle OR 3) both. Either way, it doesn't look good...


  1. I love your new banner, where is this?
    The polar bear will likely disappear within the next 10 yrs or sooner. Unfortunately there is no political will to make any significant changes and meanwhile the tar sands expand...

  2. This is Martinique Beach. We've been there a couple of times beach combing when you visited.

  3. Louise is right: that is a gorgeous new banner pic!

    Speaking of climate change, did you hear about the latest climate-gate? It's amazing that there are people so willing to fight saving the environment that they'd keep trying to keep the public distracted by drumming up "scandals".

  4. Teresa: Thanks! I took it this time a couple of years ago. I love how it looks like the dune grass is ablaze because of the setting sun.

    I did not know about climate gate and it is disheartening that there is another website dedicated to confusing people...Most of the naysayers that are out there are directly funded by the fossil fuel industry. Many of these "organizations" are founded by the companies to appear independent and to create scandal to keep the public from the truth and from caring because if "scientists" can't agree then it keeps the appearance that it might just not be happening. When in reality, ALL of the real non industry funded scientists AGREE that it is happening. When will people realize that the only people benefiting from the continued use of fossil fuels are the already extremely rich less than 1% of the population but that EVERYONE, especially the poorer people will suffer the consequences of their greed? Sadly, I think it will take a catastrophe.

  5. It is sad and very disheartening. :(