Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fruit Bats

We saw these on the touristy Quinte Avenida in downtown Playa del Carmen on the 22nd. They are so cool I thought you might like to see them. I think they are the Common Fruit Bat, but as you can see from the video trying to get a good look was difficult. However, they were grabbing the figs and flying off with them!

We also saw many Baltimore Orioles and Common Grackles that spend the summers in South-Central and Eastern Canada (and elsewhere but this is where I saw them) and winter here on the Yucatan Peninsula. On our walk today we saw a flash of iridescent blue in the forest and discovered a flock of Yucatan Jays. We have a gecko that lives in our room.The Spanish word for gecko in Mexico is cuija and they make kissing sounds at night. We also see lots of butterflies, flowers, iguanas and gartijas (a small lizard).


  1. Hola, love the video, all this activity happening above your heads and most people probably never notice! Many of our birds are only here to breed and spend more time in tropical areas. It is always fun to see them in their wintering grounds. Keep an eye out for all the other species of orioles found in beautiful Mexico. Ciao XO Mom

  2. Neat! The boys and I thought that was very cool. And we love that you use capitalization for bird names. We're such nerds! :)