Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sewing Project

For years we have been struggling with roll up and horizontal binds in our living room and bedroom, respectively. They are a nightmare to deal with when there are a large number of plants, like orchids and palms, in front of the window. They always needed to be raised, not simply opened to allow enough light for the plants, leading us to never put them down...really what was the point. So, I decided to take on a medium sized (for me) sewing project and make curtains for the two rooms completely freehand...
These are in the living room and were the most complicated (and the first ones I made) because we decided to also put blackout fabric on the back so we could watch movies during the day (which happens occasionally on rainy weekends) and be in darkness.
We left enough space on the end of the rod (in both rooms) so the curtain could be drawn completely open to let in lots of light for the plants. Now it is much easier to open and close our curtains and we are no longer giving the neighbours a show!

Now that we have more time, our house is slowly changing on the inside and out. We are getting a new dresser for the bedroom today that will replace the one you see in this photo. It is much longer and less ornate (more my style). I can't wait to have a little more space! Then on to recovering our new (to us) kitchen chairs, the upstairs garden, painting the hallway...the list is long... I will keep you updated as the small-large projects unfold.

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