Saturday, May 9, 2009

Intermittent Communication.

I am in the throws of teaching an intensive 3rd year undergraduate field course called Intertidal Ecology and Diversity. So for the next 2.5 weeks I will be running around the Province teaching the students about life between the high and low tide lines. We have various day trip scheduled and an overnight camping trip.
Here are some of last year's students working hard collecting a sample on a sandy beach near Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. So I will be quite busy with the organization, trips, teaching and marking for the next little while and will likely not be posting too much. I promise to catch up with all the blogs I follow when I am done! I wish you all a great couple of weeks! :)

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  1. Have fun Alli. Will you be having a field trip on the french shore (between Digby and Yarmouth)?