Monday, May 11, 2009

Olfactory Delight!

I wish you could smell this through the internet! Such a subtle yet sweet scent, that is not too flowery or overpowering like some perfumes or scented oils and candles that claim to be magnolia. I highly recommend the real thing!!
This is the biggest magnolia tree I have ever seen! I look forward to its blooms every year. It is just right around the corner and I visit it almost every day when it is blooming.
The owner appreciates that I enjoy it so much. It is too bad they are so short lived, but I think it makes me enjoy it even more!! I never tire of my small detour to wrap myself in the warmth I feel when I close my eyes, breath deeply and fill my lungs with the sweet scent of magnolia. I will soon have to say goodbye to the papery white flowers and await their return next spring!


  1. It's beautiful! Adam and I have a mental map of all of the magnolia trees nearby, and we've been stalking them over the past week or so. They're gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this one! I wish I was there to smell it! Oh, and I took your soaps to the post office this morning. :)

  2. Gees, I think I can smell it from here. That is a beautiful tree. Not a whole lot of properties have them around my neck of the woods.

  3. Those are simply lovely! We get the kind of magnolia around here that are pink and white...not sure which species it is, but they don't get as loaded with blossoms as the one in your photo.

    Happy Spring! :)

  4. Alli, I wasn't able to make it to Bear River but if ever you are around the French Shore (between Digby and Yarmouth) let me know. We could meet up. Hope you'll post pictures of your garden, I love seeing others' gardens.