Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BBQ Pizza Care of Sherrie!!

So I tried Sherrie's BBQ pizza recipe and they were sure tasty!
The dough recipe made for four little pizzas but we found the crust to be too thick so next time we will make them a little thinner and likely get 5 out of the recipe. We had tons of variety. I wanted to make them all different and have on piece of each! Each one cuts nicely into 4 pieces so just enough for dinner and lunch for both of us!
The only thing they all had in common was my laziness...I didn't want to make sauce so I made them all "blanche", or with just a drizzle of olive oil and some salt. We tried a range of toppings, fresh herbs from the garden and cheeses. We both agreed that the one with the old cheddar and the other with Brie (second photo) were the best.

Highly recommended...definitely worth the extra effort to make the dough...next time I will make sauce! :)


  1. Know what Alli, I prefer my pizza with olive oil and salt. However, I also love it with any kind of sauce (pesto is delicious also). Pizza is probably my second favorite food. Rappie pie being number one. Did you ever have rappie pie ?

  2. Oooh, yours looks delicious! Glad you liked it. :)

  3. "Blanche" is great for those with acidity problems!

    I've not tried Sherrie's recipe before, but it looks wonderful and easy. Love cooking on the grill too during our hot summer days!

  4. These pizzas look just delicious!