Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Nice Visit.

Two weeks ago my parents drove from Ontario to visit for a few days. They came laden with things, some of which includes my baby photos and stuff for our numerous fish tanks. Needless to say we have been so busy that I just yesterday go around to putting it all away! Which was very satisfying since it was blacking part of our narrow hallway!
One of the things my mom brought for us was this beautiful hens and chicks basket. I absolutely love hens and chicks, they are so cute and their flowers so colourful and there is such a huge variety (as seen in the basket) that you can never get tired of them!
We had a lovely visit, we spent much of our time eating out, drinking wine and beer, chatting, and fixing the rust on my car (THANKS DAD!). We also went swimming in a little lake in the heart of Halifax called Chocolate Lake...not sure why since the water is so clear! On our last full day together we went to watch the Tall Ships parade in the Harbour. We got to see lots of beautiful Tall ships sailing around and had a lovely lunch int he park. The only day with real sunshine!
These were taken in the Parade in 2006...I forgot my camera this year!
I hope you are all having a great weekend! We have sunshine here, so I am off to enjoy it while it lasts! :)


  1. Maybe the lake was thus named because it's a great place to sit and eat chocolates at? ;)

    That is one stunning pot of succulents!

    Glad you had such fun with your parents!

  2. I love seeing the tall ships. Unfortunately we did'nt get a chance to go this year.