Saturday, June 5, 2010

My First Harvest

As I was wandering around the garden last week I came across some radishes. Funny I though since I didn't plant any but I did remember some of them bolting and going to seed. I didn't actually get any radishes last year and with my disappointment I didn't want to plant any more this year. With a little research (which I should have done BEFORE planting...) I discovered my mistake...I planted them in a spot that is too hot...which makes them bold and flower. So imagine my surprise when I came across this beauty last week!
Diego and I shared it over lunch on our deck. It was the only one and it was delicious. A very subtle taste. Sadly the remaining plants in the garden are getting huge but no swelling at the roots.
The seeds are starting to sprout in my new veggie garden, the planters are filled and it looks like it will be gorgeous out today so I will make the rounds with my camera! My herb garden is very happy. My chives are now in full bloom and I also have 2 types of parsely, sage (which is also about to flower!), lemon and coconut thyme, rosemary and spearmint.
Great for mojitos, sun brewed iced tea, brownies...I love mint, so I put it in everything I can. Diego rolls his eyes at my obsession sometimes...
Have a great Saturday!


  1. Looks amazing and glad to hear you're getting goodies. How funny about the radish but glad you were able to enjoy one this year :)

  2. So excited for your growing garden! The radish is beautiful! I'm glad that ours are shutting down now though; I'm not that fond of them. :}

    What kind of mint is that? I think spearmint is my favorite, although I keep pestering dh to get some of the funkier mints (like chocolate mint, and orange mint).

  3. ouuu very fun!! always a surprise to have random veggies! I'm not sure if our radishes are ready yet- i'll have to ask you later on tonight how you knew :)