Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sewing Project on the Fly

Yesterday I woke up to find a dead car battery so while I was waiting for CAA to show up to boost me I decided to start a sewing project I have had in my mind for a LONG time. I decided to make a tea cozy!

  1. To fit over my tea pot and new french press!
  2. Made out of material I had at home.
  3. My own simple pattern involved!
Since this was my SECOND sewing project since home ec. class in grade 7 and my first one was little pouches for some homemade lotion 2 years ago, I was prepared to make mistakes so that I could learn along the way but promised to love my cozy no matter what!
Here it is over my french press.
I used an old grey fleece sweater that Diego no longer wore. I doubled it up for extra warmth. I also found an old t-shirt that a friend gave me that was no longer wearable but had a cool fish on it. Cut out the fish and some strips for trim, added some funky stitching and VOILA! Two hours later, a slightly deformed but functional tea cozy!
I am definitely proud of my cozy. It satisfied all of my criteria, works great, has great character and doesn't look half bad for a free hand job! Best of all, it was reused material and the fish reminds me of my Irish friend Corinne! What better item to make with her fish, she drinks a lot of tea and keeps me stocked with an Irish supply!!

Next project: Handkerchiefs with the leftover fleece. I hear it is the best material for noses and will reduce my paper consumption even more!


  1. It looks great! That's exactly the kind of sewer I am, much of the time. Can't wait to see the hankies!

  2. oh, what a coincidence! i just threw together a "french press cozy" the other day too! i made it from an old sweater sleeve! not as fancy as yours's beautiful

  3. You definitely have your grandmother's genes. Very creative and the ultimate in re-using. Good job! :)

  4. I love it...all of it: the reuse component, the beautiful fabric, the way you winged it! Very cool!

  5. Very well done Alli. I've thought of knitting a tea cozy a few times before but I'm wondering if it's something I would use.... probably ! Bravo on the reuse.