Friday, January 14, 2011


We have had a LOT of crazy weather this year. The amount of flooding and heavy snowfalls in other part of Atlantic Canada has been unprecedented. We have been fortunate as Halifax has come out mostly unscathed. We have had a greenish winter so far but finally had a couple of significant snowfalls this week and I thought I would share some photos of our walk in the snow on Sunday.
We have an old cemetery close by and it is a quiet refuge from the city. I go there often for a walk, run or just to admire the old stones and read about those who lived here before us. Joseph Howe and Alexander Keith are buried here!

Finally, I saw this little guy in the park...don't you just love his hair!
Typical of Nova Scotia, it has warmed up and rained a little. So a lot of the snowmen around the city are looking sad and shapeless. It may not last much longer, so I am glad we got to enjoy it!

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