Friday, January 23, 2009

Comforting Image(s)

This is the last day of Comfort week and I want to say THANKS to Sherrieg for organizing it! I have met so many wonderful people, got to learn about them and share my comforts, thoughts and feelings!

As the last installment of comfort week we have to select an image that brings us comfort and as with most things I cannot decide...

So here are two images I find very comforting:

This is a view of the surface of the ocean, taken while laying on the bottom. This was at one of my study sites along the coast of Nova Scotia in 2007. It reminds me of the peace and serenity I feel while I am under the surface.

The other is delicious Mexican Tacos!!!

These are called rajas con crema or sliced poblano chilis and onions, fried until tender then doused in cream...on a handmade corn tortilla! mmmmm...I can just imagine the comfort of a full belly and the flavour explosion of real Mexican food. : )

I am running off to a party! Have a good Friday evening!!! : )


  1. I think oceans are a lot like outer space - vast, mysterious and beautiful! :)

    Your Mexican taco is making me famished!

  2. YUM! That looks delicious. (The taco). And the ocean picture is beautiful. Thanks for participating!

  3. The colour in that ocean photo is phenomenal. And that taco is making me hungry. Yum!

  4. MMMMMmmmmm. I haven't had decent Mexican food in a long time.

  5. Wow!! I love the blue in the ocean picture!! Just lovely. I have enjoyed looking at your pictures this week :)

  6. Oooooo I just noticed that I did'nt comment on Friday. Sorry about that. I enjoyed looking at your blog for the Comfort Week and I have you in my list of favs.