Friday, January 23, 2009

Full Bloom!

I absolute LOVE flowers. I love the way they look and most of all their smell. In the spring time I always drag Diego by the hand around the city so I can oooh and aaaah over all the wonderful smells! At this time of year with all the grey and white, flowers are especially vibrant and always make my day bright. Although it doesn't smell, my Christmas cactus is in full bloom and it is glorious!
I am glad I didn't miss while in Mexico. I have a committee meeting today. These are the folks that assess the quality of my work for my PhD thesis. Today I am updating them on my progress and proposed direction...I hope they like it! Coffee is ready! Gotta run and finish off my presentation. Happy Friday!


  1. These flowers are gorgeous. Barb

  2. Beautiful! And good luck on the committee meeting. My hubs is doing his PhD as well and always dreads them :)

  3. Hope the mtg went well! My dh is prob relieved he is on the other end of these mtgs now. ;)

    Your Christmas cactus is lovely; reminds me of my mom's. She always keeps a lush one too. Wonderful for color this time of year!

  4. Beautiful! I don't seem to have very good luck with our cacti... they're sitting un-bloomingly on top of the fridge. I think they may need more light. Anyway, yours are gorgeous, and you'll have to come and visit our Yarmouth garden sometime!