Friday, February 27, 2009

Allison needs

I saw this on Sebrina's blog and decided to play along. What you do is type your name into google with the word needs after it (Allison needs) and then write down the first 10 things it says.

1. Allison get laid (so crude but as long as Diego is involved ;) )
2. Allison needs...a loving home (Don't we all??)
3. Allison needs...more good farmers to raise corn, wheat, rye, oats, barley, peanuts, cattle, hogs and sheep. (well...)
4. Allison stop taking shootout attempts. (I guess I should retire my pair of revolvers ;) )
5. Allison know everything she can about your organization to best communicate your project or programs for funding or awareness building. (not exactly)
6. Allison needs...a nickname (I've got one of those...Alli)
7. Allison space (I have that too...)
8. Allison needs...your help (I definitely love having your help to build my recipes and all around as friends!)
9. Allison needs...little help from the beauty shop (why Thank you)
10. Allison needs... to start being investigated by the DA (probably related to the shootout in # 4)

Fun but not as insightful as Sebrina's. I hope you decide to play along!


  1. LOL...I played this once before; the results were pretty funny too. I like yours better though!