Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yipee!! Snow!!!

Diego and I went tobogganing on Citadel Hill last night in the thick of the snow storm! We didn't bring the camera for fear it might get busted on our runs down the hill on our bellies!! We were alone for the first 40 mins or so and just as we were contemplating going for a beer and snack at Freemans (excellent pizza place on Quinpool RD) a gang of teens showed up. So after a final couple of runs we headed off for our beer. Lets just say, we were covered head to toe with snow and Diego's beard...totally white! They didn't turn us away at the door though! : )

It is beautiful and sunny here today. The calm after the storm. Everything is melting. I saw these 3 crows out my window this morning, although "warm" they are all puffed up. It is amazing that they can survive outside in the minus double digits! No wonder down jackets are so warm!

Enjoy your Sunday! : )


  1. Haha that is AWESOME!!!! I didn't know people went sledding on the Hill at night time! FUN :)

  2. My kids were out sledding both yesterday and today; I should join them, but I like the warmth and the quiet time in the house when they're out with dh. ;)

    No beer joint has ever turned away a paying customer, has it?

  3. My husband spent most of his childhood in Halifax and he oftens talk about going on Citadel Hill in the Winter.